10-31-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs points out that 'the orange vote is for freedom and that of all those who want to defend equality'

"I promise you that we are going to give the bell", assured the candidate of Citizens (Cs) to the Presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, together with the president of the liberal formation in Andalusia, Juan Marín, and head of the list to Congress the province of Cádiz, María del Carmen Martínez, in the 'Citizen Meeting' that took place in Cádiz on the occasion of the start of the campaign for the general elections on November 10.

"Spain is blocked and I promise to launch this country in a month if I win the elections," said Rivera, who said that "Citizens is the party of people who believe in this country." "This is not the match of the ashes, it is the party of the brave, of the freedom and of the workers", and added that "we are going to show Sánchez that Spain has already voted once and was not wrong." "Citizens became a decisive party with 57 deputies," recalled the leader of the orange formation.

The candidate for the presidency of the Government has encouraged "to tell people that if they do not vote, others will decide for them" and stressed that "the weapon of the Democrats is the vote." Rivera has stressed that "the stronger we are, the less chorizos will be on the Board, in the Government of Madrid or in Spain" and has called "vote with the heart and not with the calculator."

For its part, the Citizens candidate for the Congress of Deputies for the province of Cádiz, María del Carmen Martínez, has affirmed that "we need the central government to look through the province and Albert Rivera will do so when he is president."

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