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The president of Cs affirms that, in Catalonia, 'the separatist tsunami has already devastated living together, the most important thing in democracy'

"Torra can comply with the laws and be a Democrat or break them and become a criminal." This has been said by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, accompanied by the spokeswoman for the party's executive, Lorena Roldán, and the orange spokeswoman at the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas, after meeting with the parliamentary group of Cs in the Parliament of Catalonia on the second anniversary of the coup of September 6 and 7, 2017.

Rivera has affirmed that, in democracy, "the only way is to comply and apply the laws" and has warned the President of the Generaliat, Quim Torra, "that there is no democracy outside the constitution." "Torra already announces that he will not comply with the judgments," he said, and recalled that "Puigdemont took selfies with judicial notices and is now running away from justice." The orange leader has pointed out that "nobody has done as much damage to the self-government of Catalonia as the separatists" and explained that "since the coup of Tejero had not seen an attack on Spanish democracy of such magnitude."

The president of Cs has affirmed that, in Catalonia, "the separatist tsunami has already devastated with coexistence, the most important value in democracy", in addition to having harmed "the economy, citizen security and institutional respect". “They swept the Parlament in 2017 and now they keep it blocked, they have taken the prestige of Catalonia in the world,” Rivera lamented and urged Torra to “abandon the separatist route and recognize the Constitution”

He pointed out that in Catalonia “it is time to articulate a social and parliamentary majority for coexistence, that respects what we have built together and looks to the future” so that “the Parliament will again be a reference and not the democratic shame in the which has become". Finally, he has also shown his support for the current orange spokesperson in the Parliament and future candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Lorena Roldán, stating that it is "the best candidate" to lead the constitutionalist project in Catalonia.

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