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The president of Cs bets on 'politically and intellectually rearming the State against nationalism' and stop 'financing the separatist escraches with state money'

"We must end subsidies to entities that make apology for separatism and want to destroy the Constitution." This was stated by the President of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during his speech at the 'Spain in March' citizen meeting before more than 300 people held at the Antonio Machado Cultural Center in Madrid. Rivera has participated in this meeting with the actor and playwright, Albert Boadella; the philosopher, writer and candidate of Cs to Congress for Madrid, Fernando Savater; and the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera.

"I propose to withdraw public funds or subsidies to those entities or political parties that make apology for separatism and the destruction of our Constitution" because "they are financing their escraches with public money from the State" Rivera explained, in addition to detailing that the plan for Spain in the next four years must be to rebuild equality and for the State to once again protect the Spaniards in all corners of the country. ” The leader of Cs has also opted to "rearm the State politically and intellectually against nationalism" because "it is the only possible way, the way of citizens to reform the country together and be brave to take action and decisions." “I want the Spaniards to conjure us to defend equality” and “I want to put this country in motion. And I don't want to warn. I want to do it ”concluded president of the orange formation.

For his part, the philosopher, writer and candidate of Cs to Congress for Madrid, Fernando Savater, has opted for a “rigorous application of the law in Catalonia”, while the actor and playwright, Albert Boadella, explained that “we should feel proud that an admirable State has been achieved where freedoms are respected and equality is desired ”.

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