10-11-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs has moved that 'he knows that the Spaniards are tired', but he has asked for 'an effort to the center or the extremes will decide for us'

"You have to vote, nobody stays at home," said the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, after casting his vote at his polling station. "I know the Spaniards are tired and worried, but the moderates, the liberals, the families and the middle classes have to mobilize or the extremes will decide for us," Rivera said. The president of the Orange formation recalled that "we need a liberal, constitutionalist government, that unites us despite being different" and has clarified that "we have to row together" to "put Spain in motion".

"Today is an important day for democracy, you have to vote," said the leader of Cs who has also encouraged "no one to stay at home and people to mobilize." "If the center does not focus, the extremes decide for you," said the president of the liberal party.

"My commitment is to start Spain, my purpose is to create a sensible, liberal government that does not divide," said the candidate for president of the government who also said that "tomorrow is the time to sit at the table and negotiate" .

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