07-11-2019 | Cs

The candidate of Cs to the presidency of the Government promises to eliminate the guardrails and signal the black spots on the road

The candidate for the presidency of the Government of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has asked for the vote for his party and has appealed “to the brave, liberal and moderate Spaniards” to unlock and make the reforms that Spain needs.

Rivera, who has spearheaded a biker delegation of party charges from Madrid, has said that we Democrats have a challenge this Sunday because some radicals are announcing a boycott of the Spanish government. "I ask Sanchez to recognize that there is a problem and rectify, that there is no Spanish left who cannot vote."

"Sanchez has the responsibility as acting president to ensure that all Spaniards vote," he explained, because "we play democracy and the image of Spain abroad." “If the center does not vote, the radicals win; if the liberals do not vote, popular and socialist will not make the necessary reforms for this country. ” Rivera has also been willing to overcome the political blockade that Spain lives and has promised that if Spaniards give them the majority, it will offer solutions but, if not, “we will be willing to block the country in a month and implement the reforms necessary, to launch Spain ”.

The leader of Cs has caused that the candidates of the other parties only commit themselves to leave the political stalemate if they govern and has riveted that he is “the only candidate willing to unblock Spain, either in the Government or in the opposition”. On the other hand, the orange formation has also presented its measures for these road safety elections. Specifically, the elimination of the guardrails and the signaling of the black spots that skew 200 lives a year on Spanish roads.

“I want to pay tribute to all those bikers who have died on the roads. 200 dead a year, many injured by the murderous guardrails. ” Therefore, from the orange formation they propose "to suppress 30,000 kilometers of guardrails, the guardrails that kill". In fact, the orange formation has already launched it in those Autonomous Communities in which they govern, such as Madrid. In fact, it is a government commitment that is already budgeted at 1.3 million euros. "It is a good measure, saves lives, sufferings, health and costs for the state," he said.

"For us it is a commitment of all public administrations, so Paco asks you to do so in Castilla y León," said the liberal candidate in reference to the vice president of the Board and member of the National Executive Committee, Francisco Igea. Rivera has also highlighted the work of Cs public offices in the region. Specifically, the members of the National Executive Committee of Citizens, Francisco Igea and Luis Fuentes, and the candidate of Cs for Valladolid, Soraya Mayo. "I am very proud of the work you do and we hope to see you again in Congress."

"The Government of Castilla y León is fulfilling, fighting corruption and regeneration," he said. Rivera recalled that thanks to Cs, the elimination of inheritance and donation tax in Castilla y León has been achieved. "That is good news for the Castilians and Leon and for all Spaniards," he concluded.

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