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The president of Cs says 'let's take the keys to Torra to give more to Córdoba, Andalusia and Spain'

The president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, has participated in a ‘Citizen Meeting’ in Córdoba along with the spokesman for Cs in Andalusia, Juan Marín, and the orange candidate for Córdoba to Congress, Marcial Gómez.

During his speech, Rivera said that “depopulation is a big problem in Spain, since there are many Spaniards who leave due to lack of services”, in addition to announcing that “we will make the policies that PP and PSOE have not done in 40 years forgetting the people ”.

“The best way for someone not to leave their town is with a job”, the orange training candidate insisted, while asserting that “we are going to take the fight against depopulation very seriously, we need our people stay alive and for that you don't need subsidies, but employment ”.

Likewise, the president of Cs has stressed that “we have come here because the armchair dance between Sánchez, Podemos and the independentistas has failed” and stressed that “I did not get into this to keep quiet with what is happening in my country, when Barcelona burns "while remembering that" I got for two reasons; one to defend freedom and not be kicked out of our country, and another because I believe in equality. ”

"Let us take the keys from Torra, to give Córdoba, Andalusia and Spain," said Rivera, who said that "the nationalists are powerful because they are empowered." "You can not govern with the Torra party and claim equality as Sánchez does," said Rivera, who has encouraged that "Andalusia has the opportunity to be a protagonist in these elections" and for that "we have to rearm freedom, equality and the unity of Spain ”.

According to Rivera "another air is breathed in Andalusia in these months, every time I come, optimism is breathed, after 40 years of socialist government the change has come" and it has done so "without complexes, with optimistic policies, lowering taxes and dismantling the political beach bars ”.

For his part, the spokesman for Cs in Andalusia Juan Marín stressed that "we are in a time of new opportunities" to add that "Mr. Sánchez has made a mistake calling elections. The 2D was going to win the elections Susana Díaz and today is in the opposition "while expressing" to pick up the message Mr. Sánchez, because Albert Rivera will be ruling this country on 11N ". Regarding management in Andalusia, he recalled that "in four months we have approved two budgets, we have lowered taxes and guaranteed the welfare state of Andalusians."

Finally, the candidate of Cs for Córdoba, Marcial Gómez who has highlighted “the great work capacity of Juan Marín and Albert Rivera, with values ​​of a center and liberal party that I share” and recalled when “Juan Marín toured Whole Andalusia in 2015 with its car with more enthusiasm than posters, and nine seats were obtained, when they were surveyed they only gave us one ”.

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