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The leader of Cs claims 'unity' because 'when we join, the Spaniards are unstoppable, when we are together we are stronger'

"You cannot govern with those who want to separate this country, or with Torra, or with Otegi, or with those who burn the streets." This has been said by the President of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, before participating in the demonstration called by Catalan Civil Society under the slogan 'For concord, for Catalonia: Enough!'. Rivera accompanied by the spokeswoman for Cs in Congress, Inés Arrimadas, the national spokeswoman and party leader in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, and other party leaders said that “there is no barricade, no fire, no insult, no stone that I can curb the unstoppable dream of a united Spain. ”

The orange leader has claimed "unity" because "when we join together, the Spaniards are unstoppable, when we are together we are stronger." Rivera has defined today's day in Barcelona as "historic" because "those who do not burn the streets, those who simply step on them to be citizens, go out again" and "those who respect and do not insult, or assault, we are on the street". "Those of us who want union instead of division are on the street," he insisted.

The leader of Cs also wanted to thank the security forces and bodies, especially the agents wounded in the last riots, because "they do represent us, they do defend us." In addition, he has referred to the attempt of separatist groups to block access to Barcelona to join the demonstration, “although they mount barricades on the AP7, on the A2, on the train tracks, they will not succeed. We are more those who want coexistence than those who want to break this country, ”he said.

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