10-19-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs attends the Jusapol demonstration for salary equalization and stresses that 'while the Government is still absent in Catalonia, our FCSE agents play their lives'

"You have to apply the Constitution and throw Torra to recover living together in Catalonia." This was stated by the President of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during his attendance at the demonstration called by Jusapol in Madrid for the equalization of wages.

"We have to act and apply the 155 in Catalonia to cease a president who is in charge of the separatist commands" and thus "ensure security, regain control and return to coexistence" Rivera said, in addition to stressing that " we cannot leave seven million Spaniards abandoned in Catalonia ”. “What else has to happen in Catalonia to drive Torra de la Generalitat and set up a government that respects the law? Why is Sanchez afraid to act against Torra? ”The leader of the orange party wondered.

Rivera wanted to send “a message of solidarity and gratitude to the injured Police, Civil Guards and Mossos” during the altercations produced in Catalonia this week and said that “while the Government is still absent in Catalonia, our agents of the Forces and Bodies of State Security, life is being played by the Spaniards. "During his attendance at the demonstration convened by Jusapol, the leader of Cs also recalled that" the salary match "for the Civil Guard and the Police" who ask and claim thousands of Agents here today is justice. ”

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