10-23-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs proposes a commitment to 'not go to third elections', a series of 'reforms that our country needs' and 'guarantee equality among all Spaniards'

"It is necessary to reach an agreement of State to guarantee the Constitution in all the places of Spain". This was stated by the president of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, during an interview granted to the program 'It's the Morning of Frederick' by esRadio. "It is necessary to recover prison powers" because "it is not possible to celebrate that some gentlemen leave prison 11 years before serving their sentence" Rivera has defended, in addition to pointing out that "the de facto pardon is that Torra opens the Lledoners prison before of time".

"We cannot continue to yield to the nationalists because the last 40 years of concessions have taken us to a territory like Catalonia in full insurrection" Rivera warned, in addition to pointing out that "there is an abandonment of a part of Spain that pays taxes and does not burn streets". "We cannot have complexes when it comes to defending the powers of the State," said the leader of the orange formation.

"I propose pacts of State beyond who is president" because "we live in an exceptional situation in which we must unite transversally" Rivera explained, in addition to proposing a commitment to "unlock the situation and not go to third elections" after 10N, a series of "reforms that our country needs" and "guarantee equality among all Spaniards". "I understand politics as an instrument to transform or protect your country" and right now "I am worried about Catalonia, not about polls or seats," the president of the liberal party has concluded.

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