10-16-2019 | Cs

The president of Cs warns that 'we need to apply the 155 with serenity' but 'with firmness' and proposes that 'all the necessary troops can help in this emergency situation'

"You have to stop Torra because you are at the head of the tsunami of violence in Catalonia." This has been stated by the leader of Citizens (Cs), Albert Rivera, after his meeting in Moncloa with the President of the Government in charge, Pedro Sánchez, to address the situation of "national emergency that exists in Catalonia." "I will be next to the Government" but "to act" because "we are many more Spaniards who want to live together than those who want to separate us," said the president of the orange formation.

"We have seen how the president of an Autonomous Community joins the separatist commands as one more," said Rivera, who has requested the application of 155 "planned, with serenity and temper," but with "firmness and without complexes." "I ask that we address this situation that we saw coming in Catalonia with a three-way meeting" because "the Spaniards deserve to see us together in this," the leader of the liberal party stressed.

“They are burning the streets and blocking the airports” and “you cannot allow the decent and sensible people of our country to be afraid”, so Rivera has proposed that “all the necessary personnel of the Civil Guard and the National Police in Spain can help with this national emergency situation ”. "We have to return hope and security to citizens" and "we can not continue to apologize for carrying the flag of Spain" concluded the president of Cs.

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