Robles analyzes the evolution of Operation Balmis from Operations Command

The minister wanted to thank them "for the role of the Armed Forces in this pandemic, their effort and their commitment to citizens". "They must feel tremendously proud because they are helping to save lives," he stressed. It has also highlighted the link of the Armed Forces with society in difficult times, demonstrating their capacity for planning, preparation and deployment throughout the Spanish territory, something that has been evidenced in this health crisis.

During the meeting, everyone agreed that Operation Balmis is linked to the state of alarm and that, therefore, it will remain operational as long as it continues, attending, as until now, to the requests that society requests. In addition, they have stressed that the Armed Forces will adapt their response and efforts during the state of alarm, adapting to the development of the pandemic and staying prepared to act.

The meeting discussed the activities that are currently being carried out, both logistical and health support, during the coronavirus operation. In addition, it has been highlighted the important training work that the Armed Forces are carrying out so that civil institutions can assume some tasks, mainly disinfection, although the military also continues to carry them out.

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