First, Margarita Robles has moved to the Base "El Goloso" headquarters of the Armored Infantry Brigade "Guadarrama XII" where he was received by Colonel Juan Luis Baeza, head of the "Asturias" Regiment and there he has held a meeting with base staff in which he expressed his gratitude for the work they do every day, which is a reason for satisfaction and congratulated them on Christmas holidays, wishing them the best for next year

A part of the staff of the "Guadarrama XII" Brigade has just returned from the mission of Lebanon and it is planned that the "Asturias" Regiment, belonging to this Brigade, will be deployed in the Latvian VET in July 2020.

At the end of the meeting, Robles has moved to the Torrejón Air Base, where he has visited the headquarters of the Military Emergency Unit and has met with a representation of the Unit. There he pointed out that this short visit is "to thank them, to recognize the work, to wish them the best for next year and also to convey this message to their families."

Also at the Torrejón Air Base, Margarita Robles has congratulated Christmas to personnel from all the Air Base Units (Group 45, Group 43, Ala 12, CIMA, UMAER …) and thanked them for their great work and dedication; He wished you a happy family holiday and that the year 2020 be a very good year for everyone, for Spain, for the Air Force and for the Armed Forces, so that they continue to be an example in Europe and in the world.

The visit has ended at the Early Warning Barracks, where he has greeted the pilot pilots belonging to Wing 12. The F18 Early Warning fighters remain ready to react if a scramble or flight alarm occurs in national airspace of an unidentified aircraft.

As an anecdote, the pilots presented the minister with a t-shirt of the Unit, in gratitude for the interest shown after the last air show witnessed by her.

Finally, the acting Minister of Defense has moved to the Marine Corps of Madrid, where it has been received by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón, who has accompanied him to the meeting he has had with the Marines. In this meeting Margarita Robles has highlighted the good work of the Marine Corps, which are a point of reference for the Navy and for all the Armed Forces.

In addition, he has congratulated the holidays and has indicated that next year is very good and the most important thing is "that we continue in that common effort that we have to work for better armed forces every day."

Robles has referred to the celebration of the V Centenary of the First Round the World, captained initially by Magellan and ended by Elcano, in which Spanish sailors had the courage and courage to launch into the sea to open new routes.

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