Robles congratulates the troops abroad for the Day of the Armed Forces

The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has held a videoconference with the heads of Spanish contingents abroad to personally convey their congratulations for the Day of the Armed Forces and thanks to the military who are on mission at this time .

During the video conference, Margarita Robles has contacted 24 detachments, including five Navy ships. After receiving the greeting and an update of the missions that each unit deployed in their area, the acting minister spoke briefly with each of the leaders of the contingent, transferring to all of them, and their families, the affection of the Spaniards for the important work done by men and women who are deployed abroad.

Thirty years of missions abroad

In January 1989, the Spanish Armed Forces participated for the first time in a mission abroad. Three Spanish soldiers arrived in Luanda (Angola) to supervise the withdrawal of Cuban troops as observers of the United Nations Verification Mission (UNAVEM).

Since then, Spain has deployed more than 160,000 soldiers abroad framed in missions led by International Organizations such as the United Nations, NATO or the European Union.

Currently, the Spanish Armed Forces participate in a total of 16 operations abroad; the mission that has more deployed personnel, with around 600 soldiers, is the operation "Free Hidalgo" within the mission "UNIFIL" of the United Nations.

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