Robles considers that the European institutions have not acted sufficiently integrated against COVID-19

This has been revealed in a videoconference chaired by the High Representative, Josep Borrell, to analyze the implications of COVID-19 in the field of security and defense, where NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also participated, and the deputy secretary general of the UN Department of Peace Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix.

In his speech, Robles pointed out that "the current crisis shows us that security is comprehensive and global, and requires solidarity and close cooperation within the Union." And he stressed that "in Spain, an average of 8,000 military personnel have carried out thousands of interventions every day for two months in more than 1,200 populations, showing the public the reasons why they can trust the Armed Forces in times of adversity" .

The minister called for consolidating "a stronger European industrial base", and for "reinforcing our defense research and innovation capacity, making use of new cooperation models such as PESCO, CARD or the European Defense Fund."

She has also been firmly convinced that the Armed Forces can help increase our preparedness and resilience through cooperation in critical capacity projects, such as a European Medical Command, or the Spanish one.

As for the external implications of the pandemic, the minister reiterated "Spain's commitment to European missions and operations." And it has highlighted the importance of the presence in Africa as a sign of confidence and stability for the peoples who suffer the consequences of terrorism and institutional fragility, transmitting to them the support of the European Union.

Likewise, during the videoconference, the European Defense Ministers discussed the situation of the missions and operations of the Common Security and Defense Policy, as well as the strategic consequences of the pandemic for the security and defense of Europe, with special attention to issues such as solidarity, responsiveness, readiness, capabilities, and ensuring critical supplies.

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