Robles defends Defense policy as a "state policy and as a public good"

The minister has once again emphasized the need to understand Defense Policy as a "State Policy and as a public good". In this regard, the minister has reaffirmed the will of the Department to maintain a "constructive and consensus dialogue" apart from "party disputes", as required by our Armed Forces, National Defense, Spain and our society as a whole.

For Robles "the goal is clear", to achieve among all "the full identification between the Armed Forces and Spanish society", always highlighting their vocation of public service, their dedication and sacrifice "to ensure that we all live in a freer and more society safe".

During his speech, Margarita Robles stressed that the main Defense objectives are to have modern and professional Armed Forces, prepared and adapted to the times; With the best men and women.

Outside our borders, it is necessary to "strengthen the position of Spain in the security system"; In addition to "contributing to the fight against international terrorism" and strengthening the Defense Diplomacy as a means to build trust in our partners, with "one purpose, last and essential, Peace," said the minister.

Our Armed Forces will continue to work under the umbrella of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union, always ensuring "the safety of people, in the development of conflicts and the special protection of the most vulnerable sectors of the population."

Robles has assured that Spain will continue collaborating as until now in the scope of the United Nations. And within the framework of NATO, the minister stressed that she will continue to maintain "the firm commitment to the Alliance" and recalled that Spain "is in favor of European defense initiatives, understanding that" European capabilities will be complementary and available , if necessary, for NATO, thus achieving a better cohesive Alliance "and a more equitable distribution of the burden among the allies.

He also recalled that "we are the only country that during 2019 has participated in all the EU military missions and operations carried out within the framework of the Common Security and Defense Policy, highlighting our commitment to the Sahel. And it has advanced that" we will continue being one of the nations that more actively contributes through its political support and the contribution of means and capacities ", shows clear of our international commitment.

Capacity improvement

Following the outstanding lines of his Department, Robles has advanced that "it is essential to maintain and develop new military capabilities that will allow us to fulfill the missions that the security situation demands of us." And, in this sense, he has indicated that, for the Ministry he directs, it is and will be a priority to continue working on the "implementation of programs that allow us to recover and maintain military capabilities and acquire others that will replace those that will become obsolete in the medium and long term. "

To this end, the minister has opted for active participation in EU initiatives, especially in Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) and the European Defense Action Plan (EDAP); support and support for the internationalization of the Defense industry; the Promotion of R & D & I policy in the field of Defense and the commitment to major modernization programs such as the 8×8 wheeled combat vehicle, the S-80 submarine, the F-110 frigates or the 'System of Next Generation Weapons' (NGWS) within the Future Air Combat System (FCAS).

Precisely, on this last program, he pointed out that the Secretary of State for Defense, Angel Olivares, was in Paris to sign, together with the Minister of Defense of France and Germany, Florence Parly and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, respectively, the Agreement on Implementation 2 of this "state project", of capital importance for the Armed Forces and for the Spanish Defense industry.

At this point, he has requested "the effort and support of all for a parliamentary process of the General State Budgets" that make possible the continuity of all these programs.

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