This meeting took place on the occasion of his move to Madrid to participate in the 14 Meeting of Foreign Ministers of ASEM.

The minister has been able to review the state of bilateral relations with each of them. In addition, they have analyzed essential issues on the international agenda such as climate change, women, peace and security, within the framework of the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution no. 1325, and the protection and promotion of Human Rights.

ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) is an informal forum for political dialogue and cooperation that brings together 51 States and 2 Regional Organizations from Europe and Asia. The ASEM process facilitates mutual knowledge, understanding of differences and consensus building on issues of global and regional interest that can serve as a basis for the adoption of negotiated solutions in other international forums.

Cambodia will host the next ASEM Leaders Summit to be held in Phnom Penh in 2020.

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