The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has received in the ministry the members of the Military Aircraft Accidents Technical Investigation Commission (CITAAM) on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its creation.

During the meeting, the president of CITAAM, Francisco Molina Miñana, thanked the minister for his reception, which "represents a valuable example of the Ministry of Defense's recognition of the work that our predecessors and those that currently make up the Commission, have led to He investigated the air accidents that have occurred in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Civil Guard during this time. "

The CITAAM is the technical body of the Ministry of Defense responsible for carrying out investigations and technical reports on accidents involving military aircraft. Unlike other investigations, its sole purpose is to clarify the circumstances in which they occurred, determine the causes that caused it and issue, if necessary, the preventive measures that should be adopted to avoid its repetition.

After each accident, the Commission is immediately put into operation mobilizing the necessary personnel to carry out a task that is complex, highly qualified, that can be very long and requires a perseverance that allows the research team to determine what is what happened, how it happened and why the accident happened.
The complexity of these investigations is due to the fact that the causal and contributing factors that must be aligned to provoke it are very diverse. Only a meticulous work on the part of the researchers allows to specify the way in which these were aligned.

In these 25 years, CITAAM has carried out a total of 269 investigations, 34 of them for accidents outside the national territory, and from which 479 safety recommendations have been derived.

Data that its president has qualified as "the best index of the contribution that CITAAM has made in benefit of the programs of prevention of aerial accidents and, therefore, of the safety of flight of the air units".

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