Robles recognizes the contribution and spirit of service of the Air Force in Operation Balmis

"The role of the Armed Forces is essential in this situation, and they should feel tremendously proud because they are helping to save lives, which is the greatest gratification there can be," the minister has told them.

Robles has also wanted to influence the widespread applause of the Spanish to the Armed Forces and the great appreciation that society is giving them. "The best sign of gratitude is seeing how the citizens love and appreciate them. And now everyone believes that the Army can do everything," he said.

"Thank you all for writing a glorious page in the history of Spain," concluded the minister.

Lieutenant General César Simon, head of the Air Component Command of Operation Balmis and colonel chief of the 35th Wing and head of the Getafe Air Base, Santiago Alfonso Ibarreta, have detailed to the minister the details of the actions carried out by the Air Force in recent weeks to face the Covid-19 health crisis.

The Air Force, until today, has participated in Operation Balmis with presence and reconnaissance patrols, reinforcing security in critical infrastructures, supporting health personnel and providing material, in addition to operating several flights to transfer material or personnel.

Since the beginning of the crisis, six international flights have been operated to bring 70 tons of medical equipment to Spain, in addition to 14 domestic flights to transport 22 tons of various protective equipment.

Specifically, the Ala 35 has made a total of 55.35 flight hours and has carried a load of 29,373 kilos and 68 passengers.

The Air Force has also carried out three evacuation missions in medicalized aircraft to transfer a military officer from Lebanon to Spain, nine troops deployed in Mali, plus the aero-evacuation that took place yesterday from this same mission to a Spanish military officer stationed in Mali. affected by COVID-19

In addition to operations managed directly by the Air Force, the Ministry of Defense has chartered, through its logistics operator, three flights to collect medical supplies in China.

The pandemic has mobilized to date more than 90,000 military personnel, with an average of 550 daily interventions focused on disinfection of public and private facilities, health support and assistance to hospitals, transportation of the sick and deceased, transportation of medical equipment, merchandise and food, among other.

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