Robles signs an agreement with the ONCE Foundation and CERMI to promote the culture of Defense

The agreement has been signed by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, the president of the ONCE Foundation, Miguel Carballeda, and the president of CERMI, Luis Cayo.

In his speech, the president of CERMI, Luis Cayo, said that if we take stock of what has been done in these years, we can describe it as productive and successful. And he has given as an example of the achievements, that in the Military Career Law a more dignified, more inclusive position has been granted to the military who acquire a disability in the performance of their mission.

For his part, Miguel Carballeda, president of the ONCE Foundation, stressed that ONCE provides this support to the Armed Forces, to groups that work for others and that improve the lives of others, essential in a modern and advanced country.

She has also asked the minister to assert the value of the Armed Forces, the role of the State Security Forces and Bodies, and also the role of social organizations to achieve the recognition and the right to respect they deserve.

Ministry of DefenceThe Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, said "that progress has been made, but it is clear that there is still a lot to be done; that there are still a series of rules that need to be modified and changed."

Finally, Robles thanked CERMI and ONCE, that they serve as an incentive for us to improve every day, so that every day we empathize more with those people who working for the Armed Forces in that service to Spain, have suffered a disability and May they feel more integrated every day.

The signing of this agreement is due to the special sensitivity that the Ministry of Defense has always shown with military personnel with disabilities and intends to continue the Department's commitment policy with people with disabilities for their integration, personal and professional development. Commitment initiated in 2007 with a first framework agreement between the Ministry of Defense, the ONCE Foundation and CERMI and extended in different addenda.

According to the agreement, the Ministry of Defense undertakes to facilitate the participation of persons with disabilities in those activities of dissemination of the historical-artistic heritage of the Department, as well as to promote the organization of seminars and courses with representatives of the signatory institutions, and facilitate attendance at emblematic acts such as swearing of flag to persons with disabilities.

For their part, both the ONCE Foundation and CERMI will provide advice on labor issues to military personnel with disabilities, will advise on the promotion of accessibility within the Armed Forces and will collaborate in the development of training, awareness and prevention programs in the field contemplated. in the agreement.

Disability Defense Actions

In order to achieve the objective proposed in the Comprehensive Plan for Disability Support in the Armed Forces, approved in 2015, the Office of Disability Assistance in the Armed Forces (OADISFAS) was created in 2016.

Framed in the Division of Equality and Personnel Support of the Ministry of Defense, this office is constituted as a catalyst center and reference point in all the actions and policies aimed at people with disabilities in the Ministry of Defense.

The main actions of this office include the following:

  • Assistance to military personnel with disabilities: Military personnel that cause leave in the Armed Forces for loss of psychophysical fitness are attended by qualified professionals from OADISFAS. A team of psychologists, social workers, social educators and management experts supports these people.
  • Visibility of military disability: Since the approval of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, Defense has followed a policy aimed at active participation in the various forums, events and social organizations in the field of disability. This active participation has served to enhance the visibility of military personnel with disabilities and to integrate the Ministry into the network of Third Sector organizations that make up disability associations.

As part of this participation in issues that affect disability, the institutional relations established with key organizations and organizations in this area, such as the Spanish Association of Military and Civil Guard with Disabilities (ACIME), stand out; the Royal Board of Disability; the ONCE Foundation and CERMI.

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