Robles thanks the components of the Army Transportation Group for their effort and participation in the ´Balmis` operation.

Robles, who has been accompanied by the Secretary of State for Defense, Ángel Olivares, has been received by the Chief Colonel of AGTP 1, Jaime José Pena Bravo, and has received an explanation about the capabilities and missions of the Transport Group and of all the actions carried out by the Unit in the field of the fight against the pandemic.

He then moved to the Patio de Armas, where he held a brief meeting with the Unit staff participating in the operation and also with members of the AALOG 11 Logistics Support Group, based in Colmenar Viejo.

The Minister of Defense has conveyed her gratitude to the assistant personnel, recognizing "the effort, the efficiency and the daily work that is carried out here and how essential it is for the operation of the Armies." He especially recalled "the importance of the logistical effort", insisting that "the transport of the material has been fundamental in the fight against COVID-19, without transport this entire operation would not have been possible".

During the Robles meeting, he learned first-hand about the personal experiences of some of these military personnel, such as the "recognition, disinterested help and appreciation" they have received from citizens. "They have received us with much affection in all the places where we have gone," as they have transmitted to the minister.

AGTP 1 missions during Operation ´Balmis`

Its main task has been the transport of medical equipment to ET units deployed throughout Spain. Radio discretionary transport routes were organized to seven reception and distribution points. Once there, vehicles from other BRILOG units took over to transfer him to his final destination.

Transfers of personnel from other units in support of the Operation were also carried out. It should be noted that the Association has made about twenty trips to the different airports near the capital of Spain (Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas-, and the Torrejón and Getafe Air Bases) to collect medical equipment for distribution in TN or to deliver it with a view to its distribution in the different ZOs, as well as to transfer personnel from ZO to their places of residence. One of these transports was for the reception and transfer of four machines for the manufacture of masks purchased by the Spanish Government.

They have used approximately 200 vehicles to cover some 90,000 kilometers, transport more than 8,600 packages, with a total weight of almost 300 tons and a volume of more than 2,000 cubic meters. He has transported more than 5,000,000 masks of different types and 1,000,000 of coronavirus tests.

Transportation Group No. 1

Since 2016 and after several changes in organization, entity, name and location, this Association has become part of the Force, organically depending on the Logistics Brigade of the Operational Logistics Force.

The main nucleus of the Unit is located in the San Cristóbal-Canillejas Barracks. It also has a Projection Support Group (GAPRO), located in Alcalá de Henares, as well as the Maritime Terminal Units (UTER-M), in San Fernando, Algeciras-Los Barrios, Viator-Almería and Paterna.

Its main task is the transport of personnel and material from the Army units (ET) and all kinds of resources necessary for the logistical support of the ET, in addition to the maritime terminals, which operate permanently. It also activates, on a temporary basis, the necessary maritime and air routes both in national territory (TN) and in the area of ​​operations (ZO).

The AGTP is the unit of the ET responsible for preparing cargoes for its air transport. The Support and Terminal Unit (UAT) operates from its Alcalá de Henares facilities, whose mission is to connect national logistics with Operations.

Currently, it has more than 600 military and 12 civilians. Of its staff, some thirty are deployed in Latvia, Lebanon, Iraq, Mali and Turkey.

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