Guadalajara received this Sunday the visit of the national deputy of VOX Rocío de Meer. The reason was to support with his presence the march called by MorePlurales against the new educational law promoted by the Government of Spain.

Before the march, he met at the VOX headquarters in the capital with the President of CONCAPA Guadalajara Octavio Olalla. Thus, he has been able to know first-hand the current situation of education in our province. During the meeting he assured that “The left always starts from the premise that inclusion is in the school and it is not like that. Inclusion is in life. Life is inclusive in itself. In a school what I need is for my son to be cared for according to his needs ”.

Together with the deputy they shared the meeting the provincial president of VOX Josué Martín, the vice president of training Javier Toquero and the provincial deputy Iván Sánchez. Once finished they have set course to the Paseo del Ocio in our capital from where the march in vehicles through the streets of the city started.

There Rocío de Meer has insisted that we are in Guadalajara “To do everything in our power to stop this ideological assault with the Celaá Law on the little ones. What we see is the permanent interest of the Government to put its hands in the education of our children. For preventing us from educating them as we want, in the values ​​we want, as always with the pretext that public education has to be the only education ”.

“From Guadalajara we will do everything possible in this caravan of vehicles to protest, for saying that we are against this law. And also because we want to protect the smallest and also the most vulnerable among them. Which are precisely the users of special education. A special education that is in danger, that wants to be emptied and stop financing again due to ideological interests of these who intend to lead us to the abyss ", De Meer concluded.

For his part, Josué Martín has stressed that “The regional government of the socialist García Page lies and is the executing arm. The socialist ideology tries to convince us that its educational model is the model that Spain needs. The model we need is not that, we want to educate our children in freedom and the socialist party is trying to ideologize us ”.

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