The national deputies of VOX for Almería, Rocío De Meer and Carlos Fernández-Roca, have registered a question for which they request a written response from the Government regarding the arrival of illegal immigration in recent weeks in a pandemic.

Have exactly asked about the measures that the Government is going to adopt to preserve the health security of the people of Almería before a foreseeable rise in the arrival of immigrants to different parts of the province.

In the midst of a global pandemic in which the Nations are trying to guarantee their security and protection with the closure of borders, Rocío De Meer affirms that “We find that borders are nominally closed and in practice we continue to be a focus of arrival for illegal immigration. This is a danger to the health of the people of Almería ”.

De Meer recalls that despite the health emergency, the boats continue to reach our coast, which "It constitutes a health hazard and more so at this time when tens of thousands of people are dying."

From VOX they want to know what the Government is going to do in the face of this serious situation of illegal immigration and in what way will it guarantee the safety of the people of Almería.

The Government now has, according to Article 190 of the Regulations of the Congress, a period of 20 days to respond, and this period may be extended at the request of the Executive for another 20 days.

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