Rocío Monasterio, spokesman for VOX in the Madrid Assembly, has been in Valencia today, in the Valencian Courts, to support and defend the parental pin. Monastery has stated that «We have come to defend freedom against indoctrination. To defend the right of parents to educate their children as stated in the Constitution. Today we come to defend freedom against those who want to impose their ideology and in front of those who dare to say that children are from the State and not from parents. In Valencia and anywhere in Spain we say and defend the same. And the parental pin is the best tool for parents to defend ourselves. »

The leader of VOX has participated with the rest of the regional deputies in the three minutes of silence for the last woman killed in the Alicante town of Moraira. But as usual, they have not been placed in front of the banner, but on the side, since violence has no gender and is with all victims, whether women, men, elderly or children.

After three minutes of silence and before the plenary session continued, Rocío Monasterio has asked the PP and Cs for bravery: «Today in the Valencian Courts we hope that the PP and Cs side with freedom because doubtfully they will be able to defend freedom and education if they do not dare to defend the parental pin. The time has come to take a step of courage. To be with parents. With freedom in front of the communists and socialists what they do is impose a dictatorship and decide how we have to think, how we have to talk and how we have to educate our children ».

This is a fundamental battle. Education is what forges future generations. Monastery has stressed that «This is not a matter of budgets, it is a matter of where you stand, whether on the side of freedom or on the side of the dictatorship and I hope that the PP and Cs put themselves on the side of freedom. If not, their voters will have to reflect what they have voted.

The deputy Monastery has remembered the seriousness of the situation that Spain is going through where in some places like in Catalonia, “our children are indoctrinated, they are told a story of Spain that is not real, they are not allowed to speak Spanish in the backyard. And cowardice and warmth have led to this situation. In addition to the indoctrination in gender ideology is the pancatalanismo that the Valencian Community is also suffering. The Constitution is our law of laws. VOX defends the Constitution. »

Witch hunt

The spokeswoman for education of the VOX Parliamentary Group of the Valencian Community, Llanos MassóHe recalled the letter that the Department of Education has sent to the directors of schools asking for the list with the names of parents who want to take advantage of the parental pin (to authorize their children to attend extracurricular talks). Llanos has stated that it is about «An authentic witch hunt. To point out to parents that they want to exercise the right to decide the education of their children ».

«The letter is a real nonsense. It says that the parental pin goes against the rights of children and against international treaties signed by Spain and that is totally false. The manipulation of the letter is unfortunate. The parental pin only defends the freedom of the parents«, Massó has concluded.

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