Rocío Monasterio, deputy and spokesperson for VOX in the Madrid Assembly, analyzed the latest events in national politics on Monday.

Asked about the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, she has affirmed that it is a new attack on our sovereignty that had previously already paved the way in which the criteria of the judges had been softened to reach the shame pact.

On the contrary, he pointed out the importance of strengthen Spain's position in Europe, asserting our sovereignty and guaranteeing the role of a strong and respected Spain by its counterparts. In addition, he has not limited himself to denouncing the external attacks on our sovereignty, he has also done so with the interiors, since he has ruled thatIn no case are conditions that depend on the integrity of Spain acceptable..

In line with what was maintained by VOX, he pointed out that in the question of Catalonia as in the rest, our training defends freedom against taxation and right to dissent against the unique discourse. He has finished his intervention by making a plea in favor of the family.

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