Rodrigo Alonso appreciated the decision to join the FLA as the only way to finance Andalusia, a fact that is motivated by the breach of the deficit objectives of which today is Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero and the one that in his day She was an advisor to the Treasury: “Their accounts mean that the Junta de Andalucía today cannot go to the markets. Its sectarian character has led to deny 537 million euros to the Andalusians. While it benefits phylloetarians and separatists, it punishes the Andalusians with that sectarianism that is already characteristic of the Government ”.

The deputy spokesman urged to the Government of the Board to "be brave" and "take the Government to court": "Juanma Moreno must cease to be the cowardly right. It's okay to walk with regrets. You have to take the bull by the horns and take the Government of Spain to court ”.

He also urged the Government of the Board to "deepen the end of beach bars and the rationalization of public spending": "I imagine they will be waiting for the reports of the independent audits required by VOX to approve the Budgets."

And remembered that the IDEA agency, "has been an instrument of prevarication and embezzlement by the PSOE." “When we listen to the IDEA agency, we are terrified,” he added and then remember that “VOX will be against duplication of spending. We will always report them ”..

On the words of Juanma Moreno appealing to the spirit of February 28, Rodrigo Alonso reminded him that "Equality has been broken for a long time" because of the "failed state of autonomy" that generates "inequality between Spaniards" and causes that there are "Spaniards of first, second, third …".

"In VOX we cling to the defense of the unity of Spain as the only Nation and to the equality of all Spaniards," recalled the secretary general of the parliamentary group.

Rodrigo Alonso also appreciated the approval of aid for the repair of rural roads, remembering that VOX is still waiting for a “line of aid to finance 100% of those affected by DANA and Gloria. The opposite is patches that do not help small farmers, which are ultimately families"

Asked about the protests of the farmers that are taking place today in different parts of Andalusia, Rodrigo Alonso recalled that they are “a reflection of their despair. A farmer when he goes out is because he can't find another way out. He is a born worker who does not neglect daily work. If they make the decision they have taken to take to the streets and paralyze the roads, it is neither more nor less because the situation of despair is such that they find no other way out. Real solutions must be put in place once and for all. ”

Finally, he insisted that VOX is not worried about polls: “We are concerned to know the clamor of the street and work so that citizens are seen. We will continue working and fulfilling our project that lies in the defense of the general interest ”.

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