La vicesecretaria de Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez, durante el Pleno

Holders of his speech:

· The PP's economic manager and Sectorial Deputy Secretary regrets that the decrees make the crisis in the productive fabric more expensive, putting employment at serious risk.

· He believes that Sánchez with these measures “is going to make vulnerable those who are not” and stresses that, with the prohibition of dismissal and the threat to employers who apply ERTEs, he presents companies as “evil” and, with his suspicion and mistrust, force them to close.

· Reminds Minister Díaz that the temporary contracts were born from the Labor Reform of the PSOE, in 1984, and the formula of the ERTEs, for which she now advocates, from a Government of the Popular Party, in 2012.

· He accuses the Sánchez Executive of taking advantage of the crisis, without having had social agents or political parties in measures whose main cost falls on the companies.

· He denounces that Sánchez, with the recoverable paid permission, has resorted to the socialist principle of "I invite and you pay", since the lost business for companies is going to be very difficult to recover.

· He explains that, of the 3,366 companies we have in Spain, 99% are SMEs, so he demands that the Government not punish them: "Do not give them financing with one hand and with another charge taxes."

· Announces that the Popular Group will vote against the royal decrees, but asks that they be processed as bills to improve the texts.

· He points out that "you have to have the public accounts cleaned up so that you don't have to be taxed later" and shows his amazement at approving a Decree Law the same day it loses its validity.

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