11-30-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for the Management Committee of Cs said that 'on March 15 the V General Assembly of the party' where 'the affiliates will choose the future and strategy' of the liberal formation is convened

"The future of the party is positive, hopeful and rational," said the spokeswoman for the Citizen Management Commission (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, after the General Council meeting. He has also sentenced that "now the political center is more necessary than ever." Rodríguez has also taken the opportunity to thank “the trust” to the General Council and added that he will put “all the positive energy to face the challenges that Cs will face”.

After the completion of the General Council, Rodríguez explained that "today the 16 members who will compose the manager and who will work for the party in this transition period have been approved, with an overwhelming majority." An organization that “has been proposed by the president of the Management Commission, Manuel García Bofill” and has been chosen “unanimously on the date of March 15, the Extraordinary General Assembly will be convened, where the future, the ideology and the strategy will be chosen that we will carry out in the orange formation ”, has affected. "The vote will help us to continue working and to strengthen the political center, something more necessary than ever, taking into account the majorities that exist in some parliaments," he concluded. Rodriguez also announced that "on Monday the first working meeting of the manager will be held."

Along these lines, the spokeswoman has stressed that “the management company will put all its effort into making an orderly transition until the next General Assembly in which the members will have a voice and debate, present their amendments and implement the future of Cs” . "In these 4 months, the team will leave the skin and put all its illusion," he stressed.

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