Rodríguez Uribes considers it "essential" to include the cultural sector in the Reconstruction Plan prepared by the European Union

"It is essential to include the cultural sector in the Reconstruction Plan prepared by the European Commission, considering direct aid and specific guaranteed credits for our industries" and "strengthen the Creative Europe Program, as a specialized and knowledgeable instrument in the sector," said Rodríguez Uribes .

"If we have verified and learned something in this time of crisis, it is that we must work together to consolidate the weight of cultural policy on the European agenda," said the Spanish Minister of Culture, "aligning it with the priority strategies related to the Green Pact European and the European Digital Agenda to leave no one behind. Not in the most difficult moments of the pandemic, nor now in the process of de-escalation and return to normality. "

The double challenge of recovery

For the Minister of Culture, the transition towards the recovery of normality "generates a new scenario that requires addressing a double challenge", on the one hand, "facilitating the access of citizens to culture in safe conditions as soon as possible, guaranteeing the diversity, paying special attention through specific measures to the whole of the Outermost Regions "and, at the same time" ensuring the viability of companies and addressing the specific difficulties faced by artists and creators, in the areas of books, fine arts , the performing arts and the audiovisual sector ".

Review of aid to culture in Spain: more than 66 million in aid, 780 million in liquidity and specialized financing

In order to mitigate the immediate impacts and meet the needs of the cultural and creative industries in the de-escalation process, the Government has provided an injection of 20 million euros that will allow CREA SGR to provide lines of financing and liquidity to small and medium cultural companies. "Up to 780 million euros could be guaranteed through this procedure," said the Minister of Culture.

Aid for more than 66 million euros has been approved for the maintenance of the business and association fabric in the fields of cinema, theater, dance, music, circus, fine arts, contemporary art, books and historical heritage ". Also in the audiovisual field, flexibility measures and some exemptions have been introduced, among which the obligation of the "commercial premiere" that can be done online has been highlighted, in addition to having reduced deadlines or facilitated advances, "with the intention of not canceling events but to postpone or delay them in time, "said the minister," until sanitary conditions make it possible. "

Regarding the tax incentives adopted, "in addition to reducing the VAT on electronic books to 4%, deductions have been recognized in the production and filming of movies and series, and deductions for patronage have been increased by 5%," Rodríguez explained. Uribes.

And, for the first time, the head of the Culture portfolio has pointed out, "the Government of Spain has introduced an unemployment benefit system for the most vulnerable workers in the different cultural sectors, especially in the performing and musical arts."

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