Rodríguez Uribes promotes a qualitative leap in gender equality in Culture and Sports

"From a new sport law to the completion of the Statute of the Artist, through harmoniously regulating sports professions, promulgating a Law of Historical Heritage that updates the new heritage, intangible, intellectual, underwater, industrial, bibliographic, etc., or regular realities better and favor patronage in collaboration with other ministries such as the Treasury, Universities or Science, "summarized the minister at the beginning of his speech.

Rodríguez Uribes has also highlighted the firm will of the Ministry to strengthen and deepen the gender perspective. In that sense, among the main measures announced by the minister today, the introduction through the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) of the so-called '50/50 Action Plan' by 2025 stands out, "aimed at promoting greater and better incorporation of women in the audiovisual sector ".

This plan includes initiatives such as the consideration of 'difficult works' those directed by women (as well as short films, foreign co-productions or those shot in other Spanish languages), which may qualify for an increase in the intensity of public assistance up to 75 %, as reflected in the Royal Decree that modifies the Cinema Law of 2007, which is in the process of public information.

In addition, this year the new Order of Bases of Aid will be applied to the production of feature films and short films (currently also in the process of public information) that gives a qualitative leap for the participation of women in the cinema. Thus, "in the valuation criteria, in order to access the extra score, participation will now be exclusively female. And" a percentage of the credit of 35% of the different lines is reserved for projects directed by women. This initiative will be applicable in 2020 for short films and selective aids to feature films. From 2021 they will also be applied to general aid for the production of feature films, "Rodríguez Uribes reported.

Among other measures, it is pointed out that in the field of performing arts and music, "the Ministry will promote the presence of women in programming" and "will deepen the visibility and dissemination of the work of writers and women related to the world of culture ", as" specific strategic line in the National Library of Spain and the General Directorate of Fine Arts, as in state museums, "said the minister.

Rodríguez Uribes recalled the commitment of his Department in the fight for the regularization and improvement of the working conditions of athletes and the recognition of their rights. Likewise, the requirement of the female presence to request grants from the Higher Sports Council has already been raised, going from demanding three women on the Board or 33% female representation in 2018, to four women or 40% today. "We are going to continue betting on the presence of women in Sport, both through the Women's Universe Program, considered the Event of Exceptional Public Interest, as well as through direct actions of the CSD, and with the Women's and Sports Program of the Federations", has affirmed

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