12-21-2020 | Cs

Citizens request "that the money not distributed in Lottery prizes be used for innovation and research to combat Covid"

"We demand the immediate appearance of the president to explain what restrictive measures are going to be taken against this new strain in the United Kingdom," said the national spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, at the press conference after the Committee meeting Permanent of the orange formation. "The competences in matters of protection and prevention in the face of a serious health situation, and foreign health, belong to the Ministry of Health, the national Government, Sánchez," he has snapped, at the same time that he "demands" the Government "not to look to the other side ”and“ put restrictions on the table now ”because“ you cannot run the risk of expansion of that second strain ”. "Countries like France, Germany and Italy have already taken measures," he assured.

Regarding the celebration of the National Lottery draw, Rodríguez has asked "that the money not distributed in prizes be used for innovation and research to combat Covid." "All that money is the Treasury, in the public coffers, at this very delicate time research in science and health is key."

In the same way, the orange party spokesperson recalled the proximity of the Catalan elections and wanted to "send strength and support to our colleague Carlos Carrizosa." "Tomorrow the Parliament will be dissolved, and the path towards a new era begins in which the interest of all Catalans prevails, without corruption or tension, so that Catalonia is in the news because effective union policies are established", he stated.

Likewise, the incorporation of the Secretary of Organization of Cs, Borja González, as a member of the Permanent Committee at the request of the president of the party, Inés Arrimadas, has been approved today.

Finally, Rodríguez has announced that the president of the liberal formation, Inés Arrimadas, will inaugurate a Christmas tree this afternoon that "wants to convey a message of union and harmony." "All the Autonomous Communities are represented in it with their flag hearts", because "we aspire to have a country for everyone, without excluding anyone."

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