28-09-2020 | Cs

The national spokesperson for Cs regrets that the Government "puts its investiture partners above the structures of the State" so that "we will request the appearance of the Minister of Justice"

"We have already started contacts with the constitutionalist parties in Catalonia to fight together against the independence movement," explained the national spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, in a telematic press conference after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the liberal party. "Catalonia deserves much more than some gentlemen who only look out for their individual interests", he assured.

"For a long time we warned that public spaces belonged to everyone and that Torra was making a partisan use, biased and contravening what was dictated by the Central Electoral Board" that is why "we denounced what was happening to the Prosecutor's Office" refer to the disqualification of the president of the Generalitat. Likewise, the national spokesperson for Cs has announced that the orange formation has requested the appearance of Rosa María Mateo in the Congress of Deputies to "explain the reason for the interview with Mr. Puigdemont." "How long are they going to continue squandering the image of public television that we all pay for?" Rodríguez questioned. "It should be a means for everyone, but it has become the means of a few," he added.

In another vein, Melisa Rodríguez has announced that Ciudadanos is going to request "the appearance of the Minister of Justice in accordance with the statements we have been hearing during these days." "The Government puts its investiture partners above the structures of the State," he has disfigured. At the same time, the liberal spokeswoman has urged the Executive to "serve all Spaniards equally."

Finally, Rodríguez has communicated that during the meeting of the Executive Committee of Cs it has been agreed "the ratification of the Autonomous Coordinators and the members of the Autonomous Committees of all Spain".

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