21-09-2020 | Cs

The national spokesperson for Cs recalls the need to achieve 'independence of the judiciary' and end 'the trade'

"We propose a Law for the reform of the General Council of the Judiciary because in Ciudadanos we defend transparency," said the national spokesperson for Cs, Melisa Rodríguez, after the meeting of the Permanent Committee. "If we believe in depoliticized justice, it makes no sense that we believe in fingerprints," explained the orange spokeswoman, urging the PP and PSOE to "stand on the side of independence." "The old parties do not believe in independence," he snapped.

Tomorrow the liberal party will present in Congress the aforementioned law of depoliticization of the General Council of the Judiciary to achieve "the end of the trade and the independence of the judiciary." "Of the twenty judges, that twelve are not elected by political parties, and the remaining eight who are elected by meritocracy."

Referring to the investigation commission of the 'kitchen case', Rodríguez has stated that the orange formation agrees that “all corruption be investigated”, and added that “we are talking with the PP so that the commission is also promoted on the alleged corruption of Podemos, it is good that the PSOE hides it ".

The Liberal Party spokeswoman has referred to the meeting between the national government and the Community of Madrid, highlighting that it is "the time to put the ideological battles aside." Rodríguez added that "the national government has to be present and guarantee aid to all autonomous communities always." "We held this meeting at the request of Vice President Ignacio Aguado," he added.

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