01-20-2020 | Cs

On Saturday, the directors will discuss the amendments to the articles of bylaws and strategy to subsequently be sent to the affiliates who are the ones who will have the last word.

"We want the General Assembly to materialize in a consensus in which the members have the voice and are the protagonists." This was stated by the spokeswoman for the Citizen Management Commission (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, during her speech before the media after the meeting held at the national headquarters. Rodríguez has insisted that “the drafts of the articles of bylaws and strategy have not been discussed or voted on in the Manager”.

In this sense, the spokeswoman of the Manager explained that next Saturday it will be the directors who will discuss the amendments to the articles of bylaws and strategy to, subsequently, be sent to the entire affiliation “because it is the affiliates who have the last word".

Rodríguez has claimed that since the liberal formation "they have been defending for years that there has to be an educational pact so that education is not in the debate of throwing junk at the head of political life." Also, the spokeswoman of the Management Committee of Cs has affected the statements of Victoria Rosell, “I find it curious to talk about the application of a 155 to a government that defends the Constitution and democratic values ​​and have not worried when children in Catalonia made them raise their hands if they were children of Civil Guard. ”

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