09-14-2020 | Cs

The national spokesperson for Cs points out that 'we will re-register the Anticorruption Omnibus Law with protection for the whistleblower' that did not prosper in June due to the votes against PSOE and United We Can

"We will continue to be just as inflexible with the corruption of each other." This has been assured by the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, after the meeting of the Permanent Committee of the orange formation at the party's national headquarters. Rodríguez has opted for “denouncing the protection that the Government is giving its partners allegedly involved in corruption. For us, the ‘Kitchen Case’ is just as bad as the case of the Government partners, that is why we registered this ‘Omnibus Law’. I believe that we would incur a negative message if we distinguish between good and bad corruption. It has been a scourge that has invaded the parties of this country. Corruption has made citizens not believe in politics ”.

Regarding the ‘Troops and Seamanship Law’ on which the liberal formation will present through an interpellation in Congress, the national spokesperson considers that “a country like Spain cannot abandon its military once they turn 45 years old. The military in the pandemic have been there, what less that Spain dignify them ”.

Also, before the suspension of the spending rule of the municipalities, Rodríguez has expressed that “the Government has tried to draft a law that did not obey the needs of the citizens, there was a 'plan B', but it appears after the failure in the Congress. It is necessary to let the city councils spend the surplus in times of pandemic ”.

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