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The national spokesperson for Cs assures that the Executive "will have to decide if it wants to make an agreement with those who do not want Spain" or if it prefers the Citizens' route, "who thinks about the self-employed, the families

. "We will continue to prioritize the well-being of citizens despite how difficult it is to negotiate with this Government," said the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, in a telematic press conference after the meeting of the Standing Committee. "These days they have tried to get into the political mud instead of talking about what citizens need," he has ugly.

"The Government has in its hands the opportunity to show citizens that in times of crisis an agreement can be reached between administrations without deciding unilaterally," said Rodríguez, referring to the meeting held today by the Fiscal Policy Council and Financial. Likewise, the national spokesperson for the Cs recalled that there are ten days left for the Government to send Europe a draft with the General State Budgets and that is why it has defended that “it is necessary to establish what is going to happen with that help, that it will have to respond to the needs of citizens ”.

Rodríguez has stated that "the Government has in its hand some budgets in which the priorities are pardons to politicians who have skipped the law and approaches to prisoners or those who speak of the needs of the citizens of our country." "Sánchez will have to explain why he wants to agree with those who do not want Spain and not sit down, if that is the case, with those who think of all Spaniards", he asserted. "Cs will continue to be responsible and we will have the calculator in hand, but to calculate the finances of our citizens," the orange spokesperson concluded.

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