Rodrygo: "It's a dream and the happiest day of my life"

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NEWS | 06/18/2019

"Since I was a kid I was from Real Madrid and I've always wanted to play here," he added.

Rodrygo Goes appeared before the media in the press room of the Santiago Bernabeu after being presented as a new player Real Madrid. The Director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueño, accompanied the Brazilian forward and said: "We are very excited and happy to have you with us. You arrive at the club of your life with 18 years old and intense emotions await you. Real Madrid will support you from the first moment and we will do everything possible so that you and your family are very happy at this stage. We wish you the best, welcome to your new home. "

Then, Rodrygo He explained his feelings: "It is a dream, it is the dream of all the children of the world. It is the happiest day of my life. I have spoken with Vinicius since my signing for the Real Madrid. This team is always going to have the best players in the world. I will have a lot of competition, but I am available to the club to play in the first team and the Castile"


"I have not talked to him yet. He has been a great player and now he is an excellent coach. I'm delighted that he trains me. "


"The pressure is on all the clubs but here it is much bigger because it is the best club in the world. Vinicius He told me about his experience. He told me that he arrived more or less at the same time. You have to be patient, I'm young and I have a future ahead of me. "


"I'm a fast forward, I like to score goals and dribble. I am Brazilian and many players from my country have these characteristics. Robinho and Neymar are players with whom I identify myself playing. I like to play on the bands, I do not have a preference. I'm ready to play".


"We always have to improve. Vinicius He played his first season and will evolve. I also hope to evolve. I make many goals and I do not feel pressure. I'm not saying I'm going to score many goals in my first season. I'm young, I'm patient and we're going to evolve over time. "


"There is a good relationship with the Brazilians. I came last year and I already made contact with Marcelo, Casemiro… already Vinicus I already cared for him. It's not a matter of money, but everyone's dream is to play in Europe. The organization of the sport here is different. Brazil is a little behind in that sense. "


"Everyone who knows me knows that since I was a child I've always been Real MadridI always told my father that I would play here and I have not had any doubt. I always said that I preferred to MadridWhen I came, I did not even have to ask. In 20 minutes everything was finalized ".

Possible assignment

"It's not something I think about. I am available to the club to play with Castilla or the first team. "


"Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos… They are idols that I saw little play, but they are idols for all Brazilians. "


"He's a great player but he's on another team now and I can not talk about him. I would like to be Rodrygo. Neymar there is only one and I just want to be Rodrygo"

New colleagues

"I'm excited to train with everyone: Hazard, Benzema, Vinicius, Marcelo, Casemiro… everyone".

Comparison with Vinicius

"We are two young players who are now in the best team in the world. We are two Brazilians with similar characteristics and we do not have to make comparisons ".

Your paper

"I'm ready. To get here, you have to be. I've been playing at Santos, I'm young and I have to be patient because I'm in my first season in Europe. "

The league

"It's a fast football, I follow it since I was little and it's not that different from the Brazilian. It is technical, there is a higher level and it suits my style. I have everything to play well in this league. "

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