Rodrygo: "We had to kill the game soon and we did it"

NEWS | 10/30/2019

"It has been a spectacular start and we had control throughout the match," Casemiro added.

Rodrygo opened the scoring in the victory of Real Madrid before the Leganés in the Santiago Bernabeu. The white player said: “We knew he was a good opponent and we had to score. We made the game quiet. We had to kill the game soon and we did that. ”

“I am very happy with everything that is happening with me. Everything is happening very fast. I have the confidence of everyone and I hope to continue like this. I feel good in both bands. I started on the right and then switched with Hazard. I play where they put me, I will play and enjoy anywhere. ”


“He is an excellent player, he gives us peace of mind and confidence. You play better with it. ”

Casemiro: "We have had control"

“It has been a spectacular game start. Everything we have been training this week came out. We have done what the coach asked us, we had control throughout the game and tight to the opponent. ”


“We have to be calm and not put pressure because he is an 18-year-old kid. He is in the squad and is an important player, like everyone else, but we should not put so much pressure on him.

“He is growing a lot and proving that he is a great player. The coach has realized that he is an important player and the minutes he is playing are making him phenomenal. He is a player who has control of the game very well, knows how to read the play and knows what he has to do with the ball. ”

Carvajal: "The team has not stopped running, working and pressing."

"At Real Madrid He fights for positions and for playing. Vinicius Jr. He is another great player who is training well and trying to be better. Rodrygo It is also growing a lot. They have to fight for their job, the Madrid is working. They are two friends, but this fight is important for him. Real Madrid"


“You don't have to prove anything. He is a great player. Little by little he is having more game, he is associating very well with Karim and with the team. "

Throw penalties

“The first one to throw is Bouquets, the second is Benzema There is a list inside the locker room and you have to respect that. ”


“The coach already said it yesterday. He has had the permission of the club and we know that he is a great player and is very important for us. He has been in the locker room today and we have him ”.

Carvajal: "The key has been the overwhelming start"

“I am working well and adding in attack and the prize is the assists. The important thing has been the three points. We knew it was an important match against our people and in the end it worked out well. The key to the game has been the overwhelming start. "

"We have passed over the Leganés in the first hour and with that 3-0 income at the break it was easier to go for the game. The team has not stopped running, working and pressing. We all really wanted to play after the postponement of the Classic ”.

Not fit goal

"We got the team to be a block and that is a task that we have to keep working, which is to finish as many games as possible without conceding goals."


“In three days we have another game, also before our people. We must play a good game and add the three points, but it is true that now begins a demanding calendar.

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