Pilar Rojo durante su intervención en el Senado

The GPP Foreign Affairs spokesperson reproaches Sánchez for his "irrelevant attitude" and demands that Spain "put all the negotiating pressure on the table"

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Senate, Pilar Rojo, has demanded that the Government "be ambitious, demonstrate its leadership and negotiating capacity to defend the interests of the Spanish citizens of Campo de Gibraltar" and has criticized that "at one point critical for the European Union, the Sánchez government has had an irrelevant attitude and is wasting a great opportunity ”.

"With the United Kingdom threatening to unilaterally break the withdrawal agreement and with negotiations for the trade agreement stranded and evicted, Spain should put all the negotiating pressure on the table again," he stated emphatically.

This is how the popular senator for Pontevedra expressed herself during the debate, in the plenary session of the Senate held this morning, of the International Agreement on taxation and protection of financial interests between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland of the North in relation to Gibraltar, made "ad referendum" in Madrid and London on March 4, 2019.

Rojo has assured that "the future of many cross-border workers and a large part of the population of the province of Cádiz depends on the good negotiation of the Sánchez Government," while calling for greater investment in infrastructure and developing the Plan Campo de Gibraltar.

As explained by Rojo, this Treaty, the first signed by both countries since the Treaty of Utrecht, “consolidates a tax regime against which all the governments of Spain have fought, regardless of their political color, and enshrines the fiscal Eden that exists in Gibraltar. and that has been growing at the cost of suffocating the Campo de Gibraltar ”.

In addition, the GPP Foreign Office spokesperson pointed out that “if Gibraltar is not now included in the list of tax havens of the European Union, it is because that list only included third countries and the United Kingdom was part of the European Union. After Brexit, it meets all the requirements to be directly included in the list of tax havens, which also directly extorts the economy and European taxation ”, she remarked.

Likewise, Rojo has denounced that this Agreement "has no mention whatsoever of the compensation of Gibraltarian tax rates and, far from eliminating this tax haven, consolidates the tax exemption of offshore companies." In his opinion, “it also recognizes certain State structures, as well as a coordination committee that establishes that Spain and the representatives of Gibraltar, who are appointed by the United Kingdom, feel on equal terms. In this way, Spain and Gibraltar are put on an equal footing and any possibility of claiming before international organizations is eliminated ”, he stressed.

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