06-13-2019 | Cs

Munia Fernandez criticizes the government's management of corruption: 'They have only done two things: nothing or cover it up to prevent their friends from going to jail'

"What he has done is indecent; Take out Oriol Pujol to the street for being the heir of the 3% band ". This has been addressed by the deputy of Citizens (Cs) and parliamentary spokeswoman, Lorena Roldán, to the Minister of Justice, Esther Capella, who has accused of violating the Penitentiary Law by awarding the third degree to Oriol Pujol before the end of two months that the law establishes from the internment in the penitentiary center. "Pujol entered the prison on January 17 and was given the third degree on March 14," he explained.

During the plenary session control session, Roldán recalled that Oriol Pujol is convicted of influence peddling, bribery and documentary falsification and, for that reason, he has reproached the Councilor for wanting to "make us believe that a corrupt life has been magically rehabilitated in 55 days. " "He is a person who has been committing crimes for years, taking advantage of his deputy status and belittling the trust of citizens in public institutions," he has ruled.

On the other hand, the deputy Munia Fernandez-Jordán also has asked to the minister of Interior, Alfred Bosch, on matter of corruption and has criticized his "inaction". "You have only done two things with corruption: nothing or cover them up to prevent your friends from going to jail." He said it after the Government announced on Tuesday 25 anti-corruption measures considered "wet paper."

The Cs deputy regretted that Catalonia is "full" of corruption cases and has set the example of Sant Cugat del Vallès. In this regard, criticized that the Government "cover this scourge with the stellar and look the other way" and has warned that "all the free and brave people that make up each municipal group of Citizens in Catalonia" will uncover and report suspected cases of corruption .

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