06-30-2020 | Cs

The Cs spokeswoman in the Senate criticizes the 'PSOE transphobic document' and asks the Executive to 'stop imposing its ideology and prejudice on the causes that belong to everyone'

"We are tired of this government telling us what we can be and what we cannot be", criticized the spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) in the Senate, Lorena Roldán, who regretted that the Executive has "a fondness for taking over all causes fair and expel from them those who do not think alike ”. “They tell us who can be a feminist and who cannot; who can go to Pride and who cannot; And now who is a woman and who is not, what we needed to hear ”, the Catalan senator has censured.

In the control session of the Government that was held in the Senate, Roldán asked the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, about the socialist "transphobic document", "signed by various ministers such as (that of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) , José Luis) Ábalos or as the predecessor in Equality, Carmen Calvo ”. "More than 200 LGTBI associations have denounced the transphobia of that PSOE document that, according to these groups, attacks the equality, dignity and human rights of this group," said the Cs spokeswoman in the Upper House.

"Does it seem to you, as the PSOE affirms, that transsexuality lacks rationality? Do you share what the PSOE says that transsexual people are an invention? "Roldán questioned Montero. The senator from Cs has asked that "someone tell Calvo to wake up once and if possible in this century, and that trans women are women, like her."

"They are fond of seizing all just causes and expelling from them those who do not think like you", criticized Roldán, who added that the liberal formation defends "freedom" and the Government, "only those who think same". For the senator of Cs, "it is a shame" that the Executive does not know "how to defend a cause without confronting the citizens, without expelling anyone who does not fit in with their stereotypes."

In addition, Roldán recalled that neither PSOE nor Podemos "have condemned the attacks on fellow Citizens last year at Pride." "Does this 'I do believe you, sister' only work with some women?" The spokeswoman for the orange party in the Upper House questioned the Minister of Equality.

"Stop imposing your ideology and your prejudices on the causes that belong to everyone," said the Cs spokeswoman in the Senate. For Roldán, "normally it is the PSOE that has to swallow the occurrences of Podemos, but in this case it is the opposite and it is they who are saying outrageous things about transsexual people."

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