07-01-2020 | Cs

The Cs leader in Catalonia proposes a contingency plan to deal with possible outbreaks of Covid-19

"I ask that if you cannot change your mind, change the subject." This was said by the leader of Ciudadanos (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, to Quim Torra, in the debate on the management of the Covid-19 health crisis held in the Catalan chamber. Roldán has criticized that the Catalan president continues with "the scratched disc of the 'procés'". "What else has to happen in Catalonia so that they stop confronting friends and that the Government gets to work?" he asked him and added "they are not able to leave the rattle of the‘ procés ’; new normality, but old vices ”.

The Cs senator has assured that, in the face of the “historical crisis” of the coronavirus, “living up to it is not a principle, it is a moral obligation” and that “in the new normality, the old policy does not fit” because “this does not It is about separatists and constitutionalists, but about joining forces. ” For this reason, he insisted that "things have not been done well", and that the Govern "cannot come here to take advantage of its management." Roldán has made Torra ugly that "separatism is an expert in squandering the money of the Catalans" because "with duplicities and with beach bars like the embassies we are leaving 900 million euros" that could be used to face this crisis.

The Cs leader in Catalonia has proposed a contingency plan to deal with possible outbreaks of Covid-19 with measures such as "rapid tests, increasing hospital supplies, protection for the elderly and vulnerable, conciliation or protection of victims of sexist violence ”among others. Roldán has stated that "if the virus has no ideology, why do solutions have to have ideology?" And he added: "I don't know if the heat kills the virus, but surely the independence movement does not kill the virus." "We want to be the representatives of the whole of Catalonia, of those who think like us and of those who do not" he sentenced.

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