05-29-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman of Cs, affirms that "the tonic of the Government is to deceive and to interpret at will the judicial resolutions" by the concession of the third degree to Oriol Pujol

"They believe above good and evil; stop giving privileges to your friends of the 'procés' and 3% ". So the spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Lorena Roldán, told the Councilor for Justice, Ester Capella, after the Govern granted the third degree to Oriol Pujol, condemned for corruption, and justice has revoked the decision. Roldán has explained that, as the prosecutor says, granting the third degree "someone who is convicted of influence peddling, documentary falsity and bribery is sending a very dangerous message about what goes to account to commit a crime, that the law is not equal for all "

The orange spokeswoman has stated that "the tonic of the Government is to circumvent and interpret at will the judicial decisions" and denounces that the executive "is already looking for creative ways to bypass the new resolution and get away with it". He has demanded Capella "no more privileges or more concessions for the friends of the 'proces'" and has recalled that "we are all equal before the law, although they still do not understand it". It has pointed out that the Government "has believed that it is above good and evil allowing its friends to go with the political card as if it were the card of impunity" and has sentenced saying that "reality is stubborn and independent justice "

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