06-10-2020 | Cs

The Cs spokesperson in the Senate regrets to the Minister of Justice that 'the Government' decides 'now where and when the King can go, lest the separatists get angry'

"How are we going to expect judges to defend the rule of law in Catalonia if they do not have the firm support of the Government?", The spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) in the Senate, Lorena Roldán, asked the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, to whom the liberal party has expressed the concern that "60% of the vacancies in judicial positions" are in Catalonia and because "of the 62 new judges of the last promotion, 56 have had to be assigned to Catalonia in a forced way ”.

In the control session to the Government that has been held in the Upper House, Roldán has assured that the Government's investiture partners are "bothered" by the Justice because "it expands its cases of corruption with Pujol and his family accused of criminal organization" , because "it reminds them that we live in a full democracy where a few cannot trample on the rights of others" and because it does not allow them to "take to the streets those convicted of sedition and embezzlement." "How can we ask public servants to risk being singled out if Podemos ministers and their investiture partners are the first to continually attack the Judiciary?", The orange formation spokesperson in the Senate questioned the head of Justice.

Roldán has also regretted that "the Government" decides "now where and when the King can go, lest the separatists get angry." "What is going to be the next thing: do the constitutionalists of Catalonia have to leave so as not to bother?", Criticized the senator from Cs, who has also asked Campos if what to do is keep quiet: "that is not coexistence , that is living under the yoke of separatism ”.

In addition, the Cs spokesperson in the Senate has warned the Government that "to satisfy separatism is a task that never ends, that has no end." "Open your eyes for once: when you no longer have anything else to offer you, know that you will also get in your way", concluded Roldán.

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