12-17-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs, in the full monograph on the rights of women, asks 'to work tirelessly so that a woman never has fewer opportunities for the fact of being one'

"I am proud to have been born in one of the best countries to be a woman." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, during the celebration of the specific plenary session in the Parliament on the recognition and guarantee of women's rights. Roldan has affirmed that "women have to overcome a race of obstacles that men do not have" and asks "not to fall into conformity because there is still much to do" to achieve real equality between men and women.

The orange leader has pointed out that “equality is not achieved by creating confrontation between citizens but with public policies that help equality” and has denounced the inequalities suffered by women in areas such as the labor market, education or sports. "We do not want any woman to have to choose between conciliating or having a career," he explained and added that "women suffer more unemployment, more precariousness and there is a bleeding gender pay gap."

Roldán has asked “to work tirelessly so that a woman never has fewer opportunities for the fact of being one” and has asked to see “more female references because we cannot tell our girls that they cannot be everything they want to be”. "You have to break the stereotypes in the youngest," he said and said that "we can not stand idly by the barbarity that there are increasingly victims and assailants of younger sexist violence."

In this sense, the deputy of Cs has remembered the 9 women killed by sexist violence in 2019 in Catalonia and has asked to apply the “vital” state pact against sexist violence in Catalonia to avoid that there are no more women killed. Finally, he pointed out that "feminism is a cause of all and we must put at the center of the political agenda everything that unites us." "Equality can not focus on changing words, but on changing policies to approach real equality," he said.

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