09-15-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman of Cs denounces that the ERC government in Tarragona follows the same path as Torra 'flooding the parties with propaganda in favor of those who struck in Catalonia'

"If the elections are repeated, Spain will have a second chance to kick Sánchez de la Moncloa and close the black parenthesis of sanchismo." This has been said by the spokeswoman for the national executive of Citizens (Cs) and the spokeswoman for the party in the Parliament of Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, in statements to the media. "Sanchez, apart from being a danger to Spain, has become a problem."

The spokeswoman for Cs said that "the countdown begins to confirm the failure of Sanchez" and "be accountable to all Spaniards after five months trying to spread the spoils with Podemos." Therefore, he has urged him to "stop making the partridge dizzy and explain why he has failed in his negotiations with his preferred partner to lead us to a second election."

During a visit to the Santa Tecla de Tarragona festivities, Lorena Roldán has denounced that the ERC government in the Tarragona City Council follows the same path as the Torra Government with the Diada “flooding the institutions and parties, which should be for all, with propaganda in favor of those who struck in Catalonia ”. And he recalled that "Catalonia we are all" and that "one more year, celebrations that should be the reflection of the richness of the diversity of Catalan society, have become days of division and exclusion," in reference to the Diada and Holy button.

For Lorena Roldán, the Diada was "the kick-off of the warm autumn of Torra" and recalled how "the radicals tried again to storm the Parliament of Catalonia, throwing stones and smoke boats at the police, burning photos of the King and of flags and even assaulting journalists. ” So the national spokeswoman of Cs has urged Sanchez to "act in Catalonia" and "respond to the letter sent by the president of Cs, Albert Rivera, to talk about the application of 155".

Finally, Lorena Roldán has assured that “In Citizens we have it clear: in the face of the separatist challenge, we must protect the rights and freedoms with more democracy”, so “we are not going to allow Sánchez to do anything, there is no need to wait for that Torra commits a new blow in Catalonia ”, has ended.

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