10-13-2020 | Cs

The Cs spokesperson regrets that 'given the worrying health situation in Catalonia, separatism is saying that the State must be weakened'

"The uncertainty is lethal, we must act in a consensual manner against the pandemic and not putting globs." This has been said by the spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) in the Parliament and the Senate, Lorena Roldán, in addressing the media. Roldán regretted that the Health Department announced to apply new measures to curb the covid this Friday, but did not specify them instead, and pointed out that his training "has been asking the Government for months for possible solutions and planning in the face of a second wave." "Several sectors have suffered the lurch of the government such as nightlife," he has sentenced.

The Cs spokesperson regretted that, "given the worrying health situation in Catalonia and experiencing one of the most serious crises in recent history, separatism says' that we must weaken the State" and has pointed out that, on the contrary, " we must focus on the problems of the Catalans ”. "We have a government more aware of what Junqueras or Puigdemont says and that is very irresponsible," he remarked.

For this reason, Roldán has insisted on a constitutionalist coalition for the next elections "focused on the real problems of the citizenry" since these are not "the battles of the separatist parties." "People are concerned about making ends meet, about the ERTES, in case they can take their children to school," he pointed out and pointed out that "these are not the priorities of the separatist government." The senator has remarked that in the elections they want to “put an end to the black stage of the‘ procés ’” and have “a government that thinks about coexistence and working for the needs of the citizens”.

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