12-17-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs criticizes that the Síndic de Greuges 'is dedicated to cover the shame of the separatists' and announces that they will begin the process to stop him from his post

"Sanchez has bought all the mantras of separatism instead of asking Torra to end the‘ procés ’." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, about the call that the acting president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, and president Quim Torra have maintained. Roldán has lamented that Sanchez has given in to Torra and now speaks of político political conflict ’and has said that“ he should have taken advantage of the call to ask Torra to condemn the violence and not defend defendants for terrorism. ” "There are many socialists who do not understand Sanchez's attitude," he said.

The orange leader has pointed out that “it is hard to believe that Sanchez prefers to fall into blackmail rather than support the 'Arrimadas route' of 221 constitutionalist seats” that includes “an educational pact, an electoral reform, that taxes are not raised and that the big issues nationals do not depend on nationalists. ” "Now Sanchez is delighted to govern with nationalists and populists when he said before that he would not be able to sleep," Roldán has said and warned that "we can be before the prelude to a pact in the Generalitat" with a new tripartite between ERC, PSC and the commons.

On the other hand, Roldán has criticized that the Síndic de Greuges, Rafel Ribó, “is dedicated to cover the shame of the separatists” and has lamented that, after the meeting of the Mesa del Parlament, the separatist groups and the commons have prevented Ribó from appearing in the plenary to give explanations about his statements where he said that the fault of the waiting lists in Catalonia was the rest of Spaniards who came to operate in Catalonia. Roldán has announced that he will contact PSC and PP to begin the process to cease his post as established in article 14 of the Law of the Ombudsman because “he does not defend the interests of all Catalans and uses his position to make condemnable statements” .

He added that "it is a shame that the Síndic is charging a fortune while working to cover the shame of the separatists" and recalled that his mandate is expired despite the fact that "independentists and commons try to go to the rescue of the 'Síndic del procés' " "A man who is suspected of traveling to the Champions League final with the money of the corrupt plot of 3% can not continue to occupy his position," said Roldán.

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