07-20-2020 | Cs

The Cs leader in Catalonia regrets the attempts to boycott King Felipe VI's visit to Catalonia by radical separatists and recalls that 'the streets belong to everyone'

"The Govern acts by improvisation blow, with its back to the opposition, and generating more chaos and uncertainty." This has been said by the leader of Ciudadanos (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, given the evolution of the increase in cases of covid-19 in Catalonia in recent days. Roldán has affirmed that the situation of infections in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, Lleida and some parts of Girona "is very worrying" and regretted that "the Government is finding itself unable to face the increase in cases and to follow the traceability of infections "

The spokeswoman in the Parliament has pointed out that "from Cs we already insisted that more tests should be done and traceability should never be lost" because "many lives and jobs have already been lost and the sacrifice of the Catalans cannot be thrown overboard during the last months". "It cannot be that Torra and his government continue to be more concerned with fomenting conflict with the state," he added and appealed to the responsibility "of the Generalitat and the government of Spain" to give aid to Catalonia "in the face of worrying neglect and improvisation of the Govern ”.

Roldán has also regretted the attempts to boycott the visit of King Felipe VI to Catalonia by the separatist radicals and recalled that "the streets belong to everyone". "I find it regrettable that some cannot leave their hatred towards Spain aside", said the orange leader in Catalonia and pointed out that "we will not let them continue with the chaos" because "there are many Catalans who feel Spanish and we give them welcome the head of state. ”

Finally, the orange senator has regretted the "embarrassment" that the Catalans have experienced when they see that, over the weekend, TV3 interviewed "people convicted of very serious crimes as if they were heroes." Roldán pointed out that this is "a mockery of democracy" and "a lack of respect for all Catalans who suffered a lot in 2017 and now see that people convicted of sedition are interviewed with their money."

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