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The deputy spokesperson of the Executive Committee announces that today she is going to send "a formal letter to the Government, as leader of the first party in Catalonia, to act and protect 7 and a half million cat

"The Government must take command of the situation in Catalonia because Torra has lost control of the pandemic," claimed the deputy spokesperson for the Executive Committee of Citizens (Cs), Lorena Roldán, at a telematic press conference after the Committee meeting. Party permanent. "Instead of going to work to save lives and jobs, the President of the Generalitat has dedicated himself, in recent days, to asking for an illegal referendum, attacking our rule of law and confronting the rest of Spain", The leader of the training in Catalonia has been ugly.

Roldán has announced that "before the disastrous management of the Govern, today, I will send a formal letter to the Government, as leader of the first party in Catalonia, to act and protect 7 and a half million Catalans". In this sense, the also senator from Cs recalled that the Executive "has all the legal mechanisms at its disposal" because in "the Decree of new normality we managed to ensure that the Ministry of Health could have competences in this regard and that a declaration of coordinated activities in the territories affected by outbreaks ”, he explained. "The Government has no excuse to act in this case and from Cs we are going to do everything in our power to save lives and jobs," added Roldán.

In another order, the leader of Cs in Catalonia has denounced that the Parliamentary Group of Cs in the Parliament of Catalonia has detected that "from the language services of the Parlament several expressions that the deputies do when we make requests for information in our work have been censored opposition ”. "We are going to ask for explanations and we will present a formal complaint to the Parliament's table," Roldán said.

Roldán celebrated the meeting of the Anti-Transfuge Pact Commission this Wednesday, "since 2010 it has not been called and since Cs we have managed to get it going thanks to the request we sent to the PSOE and PP". "We have to eradicate this undemocratic practice, we will take proposals aimed at nipping these privileges in the bud," he asserted.

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