10-26-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs in Catalonia has criticized that 'the separatist parties that have taken the insurrection to the street' also bring it to Parliament

“The PSC has been erased from constitutionalism; He puts himself in favor of the radicals instead of in favor of the Catalans. ” This has been said by the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) and in the Parliament of Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, in Pl. Catalunya where the training has installed the letters with the motto 'Catalonia is Spain' because “Cs is the voice of constitutionalism in Catalonia". “That it is very clear to the totalitarian and mr. Torra ”has added.

Roldan has criticized that the PSC voted, along with the separatist and populist parties, against the motion presented by Cs in the city hall of Barcelona so that the consistory is persuaded as a private accusation in all judicial processes “so that the violent ones are the that they have to pay until the last cent what it costs to fix Catalonia ”. "It's a real shame" has said that "again, the socialist party turns its back on the constitutionalists." And he remembered that they already did it in the motion of censure that the orange formation presented in the Parliament of Catalonia when “Iceta gave Torra wings, after defending and applauding the violent”.

The leader of Cs has also talked about how “the separatist parties that have taken the insurrection to the street”, also bring the insurrection to the Parliament with a resolution that is contrary to the Constitutional Court (TC) and has regretted that they vote against the sentence of the process. In addition, he has criticized that "criminalize all the bodies and security forces of the State that have been working to protect the Catalans from radicals."

Roldan recalled that tomorrow Sunday his party will participate in the demonstration called by Catalan Civil Society "claiming in the streets of Barcelona the pride of being Catalan, Spanish and European."

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